The Ultimate Festival Survival Kit Guide


If you’re going to your first festival, then it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly what it is that you need to take with you. This is especially true for festivals over other events, as the majority of the time you can’t take a ton of stuff with you. So, you need to be particularly clever about exactly what it is that you take with you to the festival. Fortunately, we’ve created this festival survive guide to help you know exactly what you need to take with you to your first festival.


Getting yourself a good backpack is one of the main essentials for any festival – the majority of the time, you just want to leave your stuff at the tents and go exploring for the day. If you don’t want to carry something on your back everywhere, then you could consider getting a good quality festival trolley.


You’ll undoubtedly want to take a jacket with you- even if the weather forecast does predict that the weather is going to be awesome! Why? Well, you can always use a jacket as a double up when the temperature drops late at night. Make sure you get a good one to help keep the warmth in.


Play it safe with one pair of jeans – they should be able to see you through the entire weekend if you’re really sensible! Of course, you might want to take some shorts with you too if you’re going to a hotter festival as jeans can get a bit itchy in the heated weather.


If the weathers definitely going to be good, then you can stick with one pair of trainers to get you through the entire weekend. But if the weathers not looking so hot, then you’ll regret leaving the wellies at home when the water is belting down and you’re slopping through the mud. Of course, this can be part of the enjoyment too – for some people, not me!

Blow Up Mattress

No matter the amount of blankets you have or how thick your sleeping bag is, if you don’t have a blow up mattress you’re going to feel the ground beneath you. It’s easy to pick up a good quality blow up mattress to sleep on, so there’s really no excuse for leaving your mattress at home!

Mini Toothpastes and Sprays

There’s a chance that you won’t get much of an opportunity to shower at a festival – and no ones going to blame you for not taking a shower every morning. But, you definitely want to consider whether your breath -even if you can’t shower, there’s no excuse for not brushing those pearly whites! Keeping a small toothpaste in your backpack will undoubtedly pay off and help you to make new friends.


Overall, these are my undeniable essentials that you’ll need to take with you to any of the big festivals. If you’re staying ivernight, then you might need a few more bits than I’ve listed here but you should consider these items as the ultimate essential for your first festival.


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