July 8, 2018

What to consider before going to your first festival

Is this your first time going to a festival? Well, the idea of going to a festival can be pretty daunting for a newbie, so it’s a good idea for you to do some research and find out about what it will be like at the festival. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here with some things you should consider before you go to your first festival.


Relax.. people are super friendly!

One of the reasons that festivals have become more and more popular in recent years is that yu are unlikely to find any bad vibes at a festival. Of course, this does depend on what festival you go to, but for the majority of festivals they have a really great vibe and you won’t need to worry about whether or not you will be okay as everyone is in a positive frame of mind!


I’m going alone and I’m worried about making friends

This is another concern that many solo festival goers get before they go to their first festival. This is definitely something that you do not need to worry about, as everyone at festivals are open to making new friends and you will likely make a lot of new friends if you go to a festival. If you are still nervous about going to a festival alone, then you should consider perhaps going online to a meet up group and making friends with someone before you go to your first festival.


Make sure you have money and a phone

The bare minimum that you will need when going to a festival is your purse or wallet. If you have money to get home then you are unlikely to get yourself into any bad situations as you can always just get out of there quickly! Whilst there are the occasional thieves at festivals, the majority of the time people will not bother you so you should take a phone with you incase of emergencies.


Hopefully this will help you at your first festival; and remember, just enjoy yourself!

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