July 8, 2018

The 5 Biggest Festivals that you should visit before you die


If you like dance music, then there’s no bigger festival in the world for you than Tomorrowland. Now split into two weekends in July as opposed to one, this allowed the organisers to let more people enjoy the experience as it¬†always¬†sold out every year leaving thousands of disappointed festival goers who couldn’t go to this amazing experience.



The biggest festival in the world, and with good reason. Glastonbury is steeped in hostroy and has had all of the biggest rock and roll artists through its history play there. The chances are that you’ll find someone that you like in the line up if you go to Glastonbury.


Although Coachella gets labelled a hipster festival that’s full of posers, you can’t deny that this festival has a really great vibe when you are there. Accompanied by the fact that it has some of the biggest acts in hip hop and various other genres, Coachella is a must go if you are looking for a great festival to go to in the United States.


Probably the only festival that can rival Glastonbury when it comes to history, Sziget is the biggest festival held in Budapest every August. Aside from the glorious weather, Sziget takes over the whole city and you will not find a better experience that incorporates the locals; they really get into the vibe, too!



Perhaps the lesser known out of the other four festivals that we have listed, Roskilde is a massive festival that is set in the city of Roskilde, which is around 15 miles west of Copenhagen. Home to some of the biggest acts in recent years, it has become extremely popular with attendance regularly exceed 120,000 people every year. This is even more impressive as the city itself only has a population of 50,000!

We hope that this short list of the best festivals in the world was useful; feel free to leave us a comment if you can think of a bigger or better festival than the ones that we have listed above!

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