Hello! Rantucci Guitar Festival is one of the biggest independent guitar festivals in Italy. We have been going for many years now, and our numbers have increased year upon year (we had over 100 people attend last year!).

About Rantucci

Rantucci is the lovechild of a guitar enthusiast and his event managing wife. We get together to honour Oswald Rantucci and perform different types of classical music. This is often unscheduled and impromptu, hence the lack of line up or set timings.

Where Did It Start

Rantucci Festival is named in honour of Oswald Rantucci, the famous classical guitar teacher who taught at The State University of New York of Buffalo for many decades. He is very respected amongst classical guitarists and other musicians alike.

Oswald passed away in 1988. He left behind a legacy in which we intend to contine with the Rantucci Guitar Festival.

Who Performs at Rantucci?

Quite often, the majority of the performers at Rantucci Festival are local children that attend Buffalo State School. There are a mixture of different performers at Rantucci Festival.


Where is Rantucci

Rantucci Fesitval is situated just outside of Buffalo, where Oswald spend the majority of his life. We have had many different locations each year, most recently located in Williamsville. We intend to perform there again this year (though this is subject to change).

Why are there no pictures of Rantucci?

We have a strict ‘no pictures’ policy at Rantucci Festival. Rantucci is an experience that you cannot relive, and it is likely that last years pictures will not reflect what will occur at this years festival.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets are on a person to person basis. You will often find that the majority of people attending Rantucci Festival are Buffalo natives, but this does not mean that we shun outsiders. If you are interested in attending Rantucci Festival, you should email us at admin@rantuccifestival.com.